The South East Haatso Residents’ Association (SEHRA) has held a ceremony to honour the immediate-past Presiding Member (PM) of the Ga East Municipal Assembly. This was in recognition of his hard-work and selfless commitment and dedication to the cause of the people of Haatso.

The ceremony, which was also used to review the work of the Association in the past year, brought together members of the Association, traditional leaders, the current PM as well as the Assembly Member for Haatso among others.

Hon. Edward Ayitey Aryee who doubled as the Assembly Member for Haatso Electoral Area was elected into office in 2012 and subsequently got the nod from his colleagues to become the Presiding Member.

However, his reign lasted for just a term as he was unseated by the current Member, Hon. Jesse Nii Noi Anum, in last years’ District level elections.

The former PM was instrumental in the improvement of road networks, sanitation and access to potable water as well as the maintenance of peace and security in the area.

He was also very pivotal in mobilizing the community members for development and social activities such as clean-up exercises, Residents’ Association meetings and other communal activities.

It was against this backdrop that the SEHRA, one of the five Residents’ Associations in the Haatso Electoral Area, deemed it fitting to honour him for diligently serving the community.

As such, the Association awarded him a (glass) plaque and hosted him to a buffet lunch.

The Chairman of the Association, Mr. Clifford Mettle, commended the out-gone PM/Assembly Member for his service and support to the community.

He noted that among the virtues the former PM exhibited was his humility in addressing their concerns.

“He always wants to solve problems and for the entire period that we worked with him we were very grateful for his assistance, support, and in the periods that we had to do clean-up exercises, this is somebody who would descend into the gutter and clean with us.”

Mr. Mettle noted that the former Assembly Member endeared himself so much to the cause of the community and for that matter “as an Association, we think and we believe that such a performance by this Assemblyman cannot go without recognition, we cannot let it go without acknowledging the fact that he has been a very successful part of our story”.

He urged the current Assemblyman for the area, Hon. Nii Noi Anum, to emulate his predecessor and champion the development of the community and ensure that Haatso develops to their expectation.

Presenting the plaque to his predecessor, the current Presiding Member and Chief of Papao, Hon. Nii Annang Ofori, expressed gratitude to the Association for recognizing the contribution of the former PM, as a community member and Assemblyman, towards the development of the community.

The PM congratulated his predecessor and encouraged him to continue to lend his support to the community even while out of office.

PM, Hon. Nii Annang Ofori (left), presenting the award to his predecessor, Fmr. PM, Hon. Edward Ayitey Aryee

Responding to the honour done him, Hon. Ayitey Aryee said he was pleasantly surprised about the occasion.

“If I’m not mistaking, this is the first of its kind in the municipality and for that matter I will entreat the PM to convey the message to the General Assembly to show gratitude to the Association”.

He thanked God for seeing him through his tenure and the Association for recognizing his efforts at facilitating the development of the community.

Other executive members of the Association took turns to pay glowing tribute to their past Assemblyman.

Among the dignitaries at the function were the Kwabenya District Police commander, Superintendent Victoria Yamoah, representative of the Chief of Haatso, Mr. Joris Jordan, Dr. Mrs. Martha Opare-Hammond, Marriage Registrar and Okunyin Boaz Orlan-Hackman, Acting Public Relations Officer (P.R.O) – GEMA.

The South East Haatso Residents’ Association is among over 50 such associations in the Ga East Municipality which have been supportive to the Assembly in developing the municipality.

SEHRA is one of the three Associations which are responsible for the collection of Property Rates within a defined jurisdiction on behalf of the Assembly and receives commission on the total rates collected for development projects in their area.


By: Okunyin Boaz Orlan-Hackman

Fmr. PM, Hon. Edward Ayitey Aryee in a group photograph with some executives of SEHRA and other dignitaries at the function. From left: Supt. Victoria Yamoah, Kwabenya District Police Cdr., Ms. Gloria Bannerman, Organizing Sec., Mr. Joris Jordan, rep of Haatso Chief, Mr. Clifford Mettle, Chairman, Hon. Edward Ayitey Aryee, Fmr. PM, Hon. Jesse Nii Noi Anum, Assemblyman for Haatso, Hon. Nii Annang Ofori, PM, Dr. Mrs. Martha Opare-Hammond, Marriage Registrar – GEMA, Mr. Victor Anti, Vice Chairman

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