The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for the Ga East Municipal Assembly (GEMA), Hon. John Kwao Sackey, has charged Non-Governmental Organizations operating within the municipality to collaborate with the Assembly and other stakeholders to develop the municipality. Hon. Kwao Sackey made this call when he addressed a meeting of NGOs at Abokobi.

The meeting was organized as part of the Assembly’s effort to smoothen and deepen the collaborative relationship between the Assembly and NGOs operating within the municipality.

It also created a platform for the various NGOs to discuss their activities and challenges and strategize on how to partner the Assembly to deliver the desired development.

A section of the participants

Addressing the meeting, the MCE, Hon. John Kwao Sackey, identified the creation of linkages between the Assembly and the NGOs as an important means of fostering collaboration for development.

He noted with sadness that even though a lot of the NGOs were performing well, lack of linkages between their activities and that of the Assembly left gaps in the development channel.

According to the MCE, out of 140 NGOs registered under the Assembly, less than 40 are recognized for their achievements and are known to be working effectively for the welfare of people in the municipality.

MCE, Hon. John Kwao Sackey, addressing the participants

“Some of you are doing very wonderful work in the communities but the record and the linkage are not there to support your achievement, Hon. Kwao Sackey stressed.

He further identified networking as key to their success and called for the formation of a coordination office to police themselves and knit their activities for greater accomplishments.

“The moment the satellite is on us that we are not doing the things that are expected of us, it will create a bad name for us”, he added.

He again noted that some of the NGOs have partners outside the country and when they receive items, they had to seek the intervention of the Social Welfare Department while some are on the lists but they do not operate in the municipality but get huge support in the form of monetary or kind gestures from their sponsors or donors. It is time to stop such act”, he stressed.


The MCE also urged the NGOs to promote the tourism sites and potentials of the municipality and explore the sector for new ideas and opportunities for development for their own benefits and the municipality in general.

Touching on the operations of orphanages, the GEMA Boss said “your work is a calling from God and you should observe it as such and not exploit it to your advantage to the detriment of the children”.

He therefore tasked the Department of Social Welfare and Community Development to pay unannounced visits to the various orphanages to inspect and assess their operations.

He also charged the Department to list and publish NGOs in-good-standing in the municipality to help track their work and support them to function effectively and efficiently.

Ms. Christine Osei-Bonsu (standing), Municipal Head – Department of Social Welfare & Community Development, speaking at the meeting

The Municipal Head of the Department of Social Welfare and Community Development (DSWCD), Ms. Christine Osei-Bonsu underscored the rationale for the meeting, saying, it was “to equip you with the knowledge on how to liaise with the Assembly to ensure that your efforts at developing the communities are not done in isolation”.

The Municipal Planning Officer (MPO), Mr. Sampson Slessor Agbeve, advised the participants to pay regular visits to the Assembly and share information on their activities in order to synchronize with the Assembly’s development plan.

Mr. Sampson Slessor Agbeve, Municpal Planning Officer, speaking to the participants 

Contributing to the discussion, the Municipal Director of Health (MDH), Dr. Julius Dadebo, encouraged the NGOs, particularly those in the health sector, to approach the Assembly through the appropriate channel for information and support.

The participants were appreciative of the Assembly’s efforts at galvanizing the NGOs and giving them the opportunity to participate in the development of the municipality.

They largely mentioned funding as the main challenge militating against their work and called for support from the Assembly and also help them identify funding sources.

The meeting is expected to be organized quarterly.


By: Okunyin Boaz Orlan-Hackman/Salamatu Seidu



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