A day’s orientation workshop for Assembly Members and Staff of the Ga East Municipal Assembly (GEMA) has ended at Abokobi with the Municipal Coordinating Director (MCD), Alhaji Shehu Abdul Kadiri, calling on the participants to be much interested in having sufficient knowledge about their work to enable them discharge creditable service to the people and build themselves up in their chosen career.

The workshop, organized by the Human Resource Unit of the Assembly, was to orientate the Assembly Members and Heads of Departments (HODs) and Units on their work.

It was aimed at helping the participants to understand the Ghana Local Government System, deepen their understanding of the workings of the District Assembly System, enable them to appreciate their roles as key players in the District Assembly System and to build their capacity to enable them contribute meaningfully in the Assembly’s deliberations.

MCD, Alhaji Shehu Kadiri, making a presentation at the workshop

Opening the workshop, the Municipal Coordinating Director (MCD), Alhaji Shehu Kadiri, underscore the significance of the workshop and noted that it was for the benefit of themselves and the people they serve.

He noted, with sadness, the inability of some officers to pass interviews for promotion simply because they do not know much about their work.

“Some officers go for promotion interviews and they fail miserably because they lack knowledge about the work they do”, the MCD remarked.

A section of Staff at the workshop

He therefore urged the participants to take the workshop and any other such interventions that may come their way to learn and arm themselves in order to discharge their duties creditably to the benefit of their electorates and the municipality as a whole.

“This will help deepen your understanding of, and participation in, the Assembly’s work so that you will be able to champion the course of development better”, he stressed.

The participants were taken through a series of presentations on various topics by the Resource Persons.

APO, Mr. Alex Amoah, making a presentation at the workshop

Mr Alex Amoah, an Assistant Planning Officer (APO), began the presentations with  topics such as the Ghana’s Decentralization Policy, the Local Government System/Structure, Composition/Functions of the District Assembly (DA) and Sub-District Structures as well as the Roles and Functions of Assembly Members.

A section of the Assembly Members at the workshop

MCD, Alhaji Shehu Kadiri, also treated participants to the Committee System in the District Assembly detailing topics such as the Systems Concept and DAs, types of Committees, Structure of the DA and Roles of the District Chief Executive (DCE), Member of Parliament (MP), District Coordinating Director (DCD) and Assembly members.

MBO, Torgbui Tali Gafatsi III, making a presentation at the workshop

There was also a presentation on Finances of the District Assembly by the Municipal Budget Officer (MBO), Torgbui Tali Gafatsi III while the MCD wrapped up the presentations on the topic, District Assembly Model Standing Orders.

The workshop was interactive and some participants who shared their views with GEMANEWS expressed delight and satisfaction with it.

“It has opened our eyes to many things that we didn’t know before. Now we are going to work harder and seriously with the lessons we have learnt today”, Hon. Adolphus Briandt, Assembly Member for Kwabenya, remarked excitedly.

Hon. Benjamin Ayikai Okai, Assembly Member for Dome West (standing left), asking a question at the workshop

This was the second workshop to be organized for by the Human resource Unit this year.

Mrs Paulina Yambah, the Human Resource Manager (HRM), was happy about the performance of the Resource Persons and the contributions by the participants and thanked them for making the workshop a success.

HRM, Mrs Paulina Yambah, speaking at the workshop

“I am really glad for this day and how things have gone. It is indeed beyond my expectation and I’m truly grateful to you all”, she noted.


By: Okunyin Boaz Orlan-Hackman  


Pictures by: Okunyin Boaz Orlan-Hackman/Stephen Quartey







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