The Municipal Chief Executive of the Ga East Municipal Assembly, Hon. Janet Tulasi Mensah, has stated that the Assembly carried out last Saturday’s demolition exercise on the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC) lands at Haatso and not conducted by the military and police as it is published by a section of the media.

She has also debunked assertion that 15 houses were pulled down in the exercise but rather 33 unauthorized uncompleted structures were demolished.

She revealed this in a Press Statement presented at Press Conference on Monday, 27th August, 2018 at Abokobi.

According to the statement, the demolition exercise carried out on the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission lands on Friday, 27th July and Saturday, 25th August, 2018. This was to curtail impunity with which some developers in the municipality are illegally building on state lands.

The press statement was to correct public perception and the negative reportage leveled against the Ga East Municipal Assembly.

In her statement, she highlighted on key issues regarding the demolition exercise;

  1. Per the Local Governance Act, 2016 (Act 936), the Assembly is mandated to be responsible for the overall development of the district, promote and support productive activity, social development in the district and remove any obstacles to initiative and
  2. The Ga East Municipal Assembly, in collaboration with Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC) have carried out two (2) separate demolishing exercises on Friday, 27th July and Saturday, 25th August, 2018 respectively, following the advice of the Municipal Security Council (MUSEC).
  3. Both the Ga East Municipal Assembly Task-Force and the Task-Force of GAEC had given warning notices thus, “STOP WORK AND PRODUCE PERMIT”. Despite all these notices, the illegal developers have defied the orders of the Assembly and have gone ahead to build with impunity.
  4. The Executive Instrument (EI) 75 of 1973 that acquired the land for GAEC has not been amended. Hence, the land is still the property of the state and it is therefore the duty of the Assembly in collaboration with GAEC to protect State Property.
  5. Out of the 2,002.5 acres acquired by the State for GAEC, only 1,231 acres is left due to encroachment.
  6. From time to time, the Assembly embarks on demolition exercises to ensure that the laws are complied with.
  7. Before and after the first demolition exercise (which was partial), notices were served on all the unauthorized structures but they defied the orders. Reports indicated that these encroachers were operating at nights to outwit the security agencies. The attitude of the illegal developers triggered the second demolition exercise (full) on Saturday, 25th August, 2018
  8. That in carrying out its mandate, the Assembly is mindful of laws governing its operations. Hence, if developers fail to show sufficient cause why their structure should not be demolished, the district Planning Authority shall by notice order the owner or developer within one month to demolish their structure at a personal cost or face removal if the owner fails to comply.
  9. MCE laid emphasis on the fact that the demolition exercises were not targeted towards any individual like Dr. Hassan Ayariga as it was being reported by the Press and other Media Houses.
  10. The Assembly did not demolish any completed project for now, since it has to go through the necessary legal processes to demolish such structures.
  11. The story published by com stating that the police and military have demolished 15 houses at Haatso is false.
  12. The Exercise was sanctioned by the Municipal Security Council and was undertaken by the Assembly’s Task-Force. The police and military were only brought in to provide security.

The MCE also advised the media to cross-check their information critically before publishing such reports since they serve as a medium to educate and inform people.

She further advised the general public and all prospective developers to take necessary steps to acquire the appropriate Permit whether permanent or temporal structure.

The Director-General of Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC), Prof. Benjamin Nyarko, appealed to the government to do Land Title for the GAEC lands, this he emphasized would enable the Commission to construct fence wall around the property to ward off encroachers.


By: Esther Obodai/Veronica Logo



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